Accredited Homeschool Programs

Accredited homeschool programs is an option for students and parents who are not satisfied with formal school. Poor education system makes some parents send their children to homeschooling, especially those who get well access to parenting and education models information and consider their children’s character and potential. The more knowledge they have, the more often the share with experts in children development. Parents now become more open with existing education models such as homeschooling.

Formal school is not the only way to success. Children need to have special skills, social, emotional and spiritual skills as important aspects for their future. Another reason for choosing homeschooling is negative social environment at regular school. Parents worry about the decreasing of moral value in some formal school. The bullying cases rise and that cause trauma and disrupt children’s self-confidence, and this adds to what most parents fear of. The worries is actually real, because almost everyday, we can see many school bullying cases from medias. Through homeschooling, parents can introduce to a positive environment to their children and encourage their confidence better.

The reason for choosing accredited homeschool programs is also driven by children who have an interest in fields other than academics, like art, business, technology, broadcasting, entertainment and more. In homeschooling program, children can get time flexibility to explore their interests and talents. The learning process becomes more effective because children only learn certain fields that are considered useful for their future. Moreover, formal schools we consider to be of high quality and able to meet the needs of children turn out to be unreachable monthly fees. Homeschooling makes it easy for parents to plan an education budget. They can allocate money to learn things that they want to deepen. Unlike a formal school that asks parents to pay all costs even if we don’t need certain facilities.

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