After graduating from high school, some people want to get bachelors degree online and choose online college than regular college. Of course there are more people who still choose regular college because they want to experience interaction with their fellow students and lecturers in a campus. Student will also be proud to be an alma mater from a famous university. Therefore, not many people think about going online for college, not to mention get their bachelor degree.

However, what if someone, for example your children, decides to go online? Maybe you as a parent will wonder and be a little bit skeptical. Why they don’t want to go to a college where they can study and socialize at the same time? Well, there are a number of considerations someone decides to go online college. The college program must be interesting for them, and they can’t find it in regular college. Other consideration is the college they want to attend is located abroad. If the college provides distance learning class or online learning for students in other countries so it is possible for them to get bachelors degree online, so why not?

Unlike regular lectures that require students to attend a class at certain times, online college can be attended at any time. Indeed, there are several tasks and live streaming classes that must be accessed at certain times. Presence and deadlines are still needed. In fact, online college is more difficult than regular class, because students are required to be more discipline and able to manage their time. An online college student should not postpone doing the assignment from their teachers; otherwise they will get low result or need to take another course next year. So, like it or not, students who wants to get bachelors degree online must study as hard too.

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