In practice, a well-planned online learning method to get the best online degrees applies a variety of new technologies. It is also teaching methods to ensure the experience and quality of learning outcomes that match or even exceed conventional or face-to-face class. The new technology or teaching methods are as follows: cloud computing, learning analytics, game-based learning, personalized learning environments, open content, and mobile learning. Cloud Computing is information technology facilities and infrastructure that can be used jointly by several universities. That way, costs can be shared together to reduce education costs.

While analyze learning outcomes, or also known as learning analytics, uses information technology to monitor the processes and learning outcomes of each individual. Students can relearn parts that they do not understand until they are fully understood. Educators can find out the effectiveness of teaching processes and materials to improve the quality of learning outcomes. Other method is game-based learning which is teaching methods that apply various forms of “games” to enhance the interaction, retention, and motivation of students to keep study hard. One form is a competition to get points from assignments and quizzes and give awards to students with the most points.

There is also personal learning, or also called personalized learning environments. Not all students have the same ability to learn something. With online lecture methods, schedules, processes and teaching speed can be determined according to the needs of each student. In an open content method, the learning material can be used together in the learning process by several educators. The quality of learning material can be equalized and reduce costs. Students can attend their lectures anywhere and anytime, as long as they have an Internet connection. Some lecture material can even be accessed even though there is no internet connection. This way, they can get the best online degree much easier.

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