There are a lot of ways to get education; one of it is by free online homeschool. Homeschooling is a kind of a new thing in our country education. Many people want to know about this kind of learning method, but also have some misunderstanding at the same time, because there is already prejudice, more personal assumptions or wrong information about homeschooling. Under these situations, the task of homeschooling practitioners is increasing. Practitioners must not only strengthen themselves in the process of educating children, but also educate the public to better understand homeschooling correctly.

One of the things for example is the reason a family chooses homeschooling. Every family of homeschooling practitioners has different reasons and therefore cannot be generalized. Whatever reasons a family chooses homeschooling; the first thing that they need to decide is that homeschooling or family-based education is legal. Legal means that it is recognized by the state and it is not breaking the law. Therefore, someone who chooses homeschooling is legitimate. Choose homeschooling as legitimate as choosing to send children to formal school. So, parents should not be worry about this, as their children will still get acknowledgement for their effort through examination, just like formal school do.

In many countries, the reason a family chooses homeschooling is usually because they want to provide better education at home, religious reasons or belief, and also school environment they consider unhealthy for their children. For those who cannot afford to go to formal school for any reasons, they can consider free online homeschool because education is really important for their children. The method of learning is not a matter, but if a child do not get education they need, it will be bad for their future. Online homeschooling needs student’s discipline and also support from parents and their environment to be able to run smoothly.

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