Online college courses provide more advantages that face-to-face lectures do not offer, including time flexibility, learning process according to the ability of each individual, better absorption and time saving and costs saving. Online teachers allow students to access learning material anywhere and anytime without being bound to a schedule like in face-to-face college course. This is very helpful for people who plan to continue their education and working at the same time. They can adjust their class schedules to their work schedules.

Students can study according to their learning speed in online college courses. Those who are slow learner can take time to study the learning material until they fully understand. They cannot do this in face-to-face lectures because it collide their learning schedule. Some other thing from personal course is student can adjust their schedule, setting the teacher speaking speed, doing number of practice or quizzes and additional materials that is provided according to the needs of each student. Flexible study time allows students to learn every time they are ready and in their fit condition, which in turn will result in a better understanding and learning achievement.

The best and leading teachers teach online based on schedules that are tailored to their activities. This is also beneficial for students, especially those who live far from university, to get equal opportunities in obtaining quality education and taught by qualified teaching staff. In face-to-face lectures, one course may be taught by two or more different teachers with different backgrounds and experiences. This can lead to different quality of learning for the same course. In online college courses, the learning process and digital lecture materials are created by the best lecturers to follow world quality standards. Thus, each student will get consistent learning quality because they use the material provided based on the same learning process.

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